My Firefox browser has way too many tabs going at the moment. I usually keep tabs up as reminders for blog posts, but I haven’t been able to blog as much recently. So, some incomplete thoughts on matters I’d love to expound upon more.

On one end of the debate you have environmentalists predicting disaster and catastrophe if more isn’t done to protect the environment. (Recently, UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said they had 50 days to save the world from global warming. Click here to read.) And, you have the other end of the debate where skeptics have data showing the world’s temperatures haven’t gone up since 1998. The issue is important, but there seems to be no reasonable debate on it at the moment.

I continue to get ignorant remarks about my work when it comes to social media. People just not seeing it as legitimate work. Unfortunately, Christians trend behind the times. Mix in with that is the recent comment I received from someone here if I ever considered getting back into the “ministry”. Sometimes, all I can do is hunker down, focus, and do the best work I can. Helps me combat any ill will that rises up within me from comments made unintentionally, ignorantly or maliciously.

The Boston Red Sox were recently swept in the playoffs and I heard from another commentators that this was the worse Red Sox loss since the 1978 playoff game against the New York Yankees. Hardly. It’s hard to call a sweep at the hands of a better team the worse loss in awhile. Especially since the Red Sox won championships in 2004 and 2007. I’d still rank the 2003 ALCS Game 7 extra-inning loss at the hand of the Yankees the worst loss in recent Red Sox history.

So, balloon boy…I’m not sure how many times I self-censored myself and didn’t tweet or post something in the aftermath of that Thursday afternoon. I’ll say this, I find it despicable that two parents would shamelessly exploit and put their children at risk for the sake of a landing a reality television show.

ESPN’s 30 For 30 has been a treat to watch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Band That Wouldn’t Die was one of the best sports films I’ve ever seen. To me, it captured the essence of most sports fans. When people write about fans they usually write about the crazed fanatics which do a disservice to most fans. This film captured a community connected with its team. Fans who do have a proper perspective on life, but also loyal to its team which is a part of their community and representative of it. I thought if you changed the team you’d hear any sports fan talking about their team. I could hear a lot of Husker football fans in the words and tenor of the stories being shared. For example, Husker fans didn’t literally lose the football team during the Steve Pedersen tenure, but it felt like it. Husker fans lost that connection with the team, and the team stopped reflecting proudly on the state and its people. And, the joy the people talked about when the team returned was similar to when Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini were put in charge of the program. If you get the chance, watch this documentary.

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