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Over the years, I’ve written over 1,000 blog posts. The topics span the gamut. Here is a collection of posts. Favorites of mine, and readers.

Josh Cooley gives an in-depth look at Pixar’s creative process – This is a guest post I wrote, in 2010, for Silicon Prairie News. I’ve been a fan of Pixar since I saw Toy Story in the theater. The chance to learn and write about their creative process was wonderful. The surprise with this post is having it sourced in Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography.

Coming Clean: My Addiction Story – Confronting, battling, and overcoming addiction.

Husker Losses & Church Attendance – A Nebraskan urban legend, does church attendance really drop 10% the Sunday after the Husker football team loses?

Aaron to Zach (CCC Staff Team) – A thank you to the numerous staff I had the privilege to work alongside during my twelve years at Christ Community Church.

Forgiving my Grandfather, a Pedophile – One of the first acts of my infant Christian faith is something I’ve had to revisit throughout my life.

The Pop Traveler: Eleven Reasons to Visit Omaha! – Guest post I wrote for USA Today’s Pop Candy blog about Omaha and its pop culture.

One Day – A day in the life of family and pastoral ministry.

A Week in the Life of Ministry – An overview of what my week looks like.

Gratefulness: Running – Haruki Murakami’s running memoir says it best, “What I talk about when I talk about running.”

Pray For/Against Obama – One thing that gets me riled up is Christians being selective in their criticism of politicians depending on the politician’s political party. We reflect poorly on Christianity when we prioritize politics over the teachings of Jesus.

“Ab Aeterno” – During the final season of Lost I wrote a recap of every episode. This is one of my favorite episodes from the season.

Debt: Out of the Red and Into the Black – The long-winding journey of getting out of debt, and some of what I learned along the way.

I’m No Longer Prediabetic – A health crisis I didn’t see coming until it was almost too late.

Bullying (And my Story) – How the current stories of bullying trigger my childhood memories of being bullied…and how I deal with it.

Where I’m at with the Online Church – A reflection on my time leading online church, and how it has shaped my view of the Church.

Helping Syrian Refugees – Coming to grips with the civil war in Syria, and what the response of the Church, and me, should be.

Answered Prayer (We Have a Minivan!) – The behind-the-scenes story of my family being given a minivan.

From a Piece of Broken Pottery to Feeding 600+ Students – How a partnership with an elementary school came to be.

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