Loving God, Family, and my Neighbor.

Hi, I’m Robert Murphy. Thanks for visiting.


Since high school, when I was inspired by Pearl Jam and Henry Rollins, I’ve been writing in some fashion. The content and tone has changed over the years, but I still love to create and communicate through words. I enjoy writing about the intersection faith and life, pop culture, and family. I’ve written guest posts for USA Today’s Pop Candy blog, and Silicon Prairie News. My work was also sourced in the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs.

Besides writing, I enjoy being creative in other ways. I’ve produced creative videos, acted in theater, and created visual art. When I graduated from high school, my plan was to major in art at Nebraska Wesleyan. However, plans soon changed.


Being somewhat disillusioned with life after I graduated from high school (’94), I started to take my faith in Jesus seriously. I got involved in missions work, and what I thought was only going to be a year ended up being nearly a decade. I served, and led teams, internationally in Belarus, Cameroon, China, Mexico, Nigeria, and more. I traveled to nearly forty states here in America doing ministry as well.

I learned a lot of practical things when it came to faith and church. I learned a lot by watching the mistakes of others, and making a few of my own. I learned that the dominant version of American, evangelical Christianity was hollow and I wanted to change that.


After leaving the mission field, I moved back home and got involved at Christ Community Church (CCC). Beginning as a creative consultant, I was soon working full-time and transitioned into the Art Director role. I created and produced a variety of creative projects, and initiated a social media presence when people thought it was a waste of time. While I enjoyed the creative aspects of the role, after a few years I wanted to do more hands-on ministry.

I joined the multisite team where I was able to pursue a passion of engaging and serving Omaha in a greater capacity. In early 2012, I launched our online campus/venue to better serve the local church and community. And, I enjoyed being a pastor to the variety of needs, requests, and crises that have arisen.

In December 2015, I transitioned into the Adult Discipleship Pastor role. I coach small group leaders, help with creating small group content, run point for pastoral on-call response, and oversee baby dedications.

My time at CCC came to an end when I resigned so I could enter into a Sabbath season. My family and I have a tremendous amount of love for CCC. My hope is to go back to being a pastor at some point, but we will see what develops!


When I was a missionary, I met who would become my wife and best friend. Jana. We were married in July 2001. Five years later, the first of our four boys entered this world. It’s been a never-ending adventure.


This PechaKucha talk, from November 2012, tells a bit more about my story.


Feel free to ask!

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