#42, which reminds me of Lost, which has a cool alternative reality game (ARG) going on at the moment from its creators that I’ve been following. As Lost heads into its final season, it has gathered together artists to create limited-edition posters from signature moments on the show. Cool posters that fans of the show have snapped up quickly. I would know since I’ve snapped up some! (click here)

So, if the Huskers don’t win at Baylor this Saturday, do they win another game this season?

What my limited experience teaches me about online advertising? Facebook crushes Google for what we’re trying to do at CCC.

Been enjoying the Radiolab podcast lately.

How different are dogfighting and football? (click here)

A pop culture holiday for me. Today is awesome with the release of Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, and Bill Simmons’ The Book Of Basketball. The BSG release is in all likelihood the final part of the story of the reimagined series. Simmons’ book I’m looking forward to because I always enjoy when he discusses basketball in his columns and podcasts.

I had a bad first impression of Scooter’s Coffeehouse when I ordered a cappuccino the first time there, a few years ago, and it was awful. Always steered clear of it. Lately, I’ve been going there and have been impressed by the coffee and service.

To be a good environmentalist one must not eat meat or have children. I guess I’m a bad environmentalist.

Probable American League MVP, Joe Mauer, only struck out once in high school. That’s crazy.

A faction of Christians are a naive and gullible lot, which hurts in the message we’re trying to convey. (click here)

Someone I know posted this on Facbeook. Pardon the grammar. what point does “traditional” bcm a copout 4 active ignorance of a larger wrld? Eventually, it takes a lot of effort 2 stay closed off

I hope the Phillies beat the Yankees in the World Series.

Good stuff from Amsterdam as always. Food is nice, but conversation and vibe is better.

Back to work…

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