Gratefulness: Running

At age 42, why start running now? I wasn't sure at first... Continue reading

Jingle Hoops {Video}

I love the holidays. Some of the most vivid memories of my youth are from the holidays. One little thing I like are the various holiday-themed commercials. Last week, the NBA released theirs for this season. It's fantastic.

Going For It With Everything {Video}

One of the more interesting books I've read was Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won. In it, the authors looked at data to address a number of entrenched ideas within sports. There were a lot of great stories in sharing the data that goes against a sport's "common... Continue Reading →

Being Haunted

I've been asked by a few people for my thoughts about the bullying scandal surrounding the Miami Dolphins. These are my thoughts. For a more thorough treatment, you can read a 2010 post I wrote about being bullied. It's been over twenty-five years since the neighborhood bully was tormenting me. I want to type his... Continue Reading →

Game Changer (And Exposing some Shame as a Husker Fan)

In the 90's, the Nebraska Cornhuskers dominated the college football landscape. This was never more true than the 1995 season, in which they were the focal point for all things good and bad with college football. Arguably the best team in college football history, they are also known for Lawrence Phillips. Early in the 1995... Continue Reading →

Apparently, I Hate Paul Harvey and Farmers. I Blame Politicians.

I'll preface this post by saying the Dodge Ram "Farmer" ad, that ran during last night's Super Bowl, was pitch perfect in many ways. It invoked God, Americana and nostalgia, mixed them well, and then they dropped their product into the mix. Voila. Viewers connect with it, having no real idea about the product. Brand... Continue Reading →

Mark Driscoll, Russell Westbrook, Christianity & Politics

I decided to take some time with this post, and make sure I was still thinking and feeling what I was in the moment that inspired it. In 2008, I started reading/listening to Mark Driscoll's works. Mark is the founder and Teaching Pastor of Mars Hill Church out of Seattle. I was familiar with his... Continue Reading →

Guest Post on Boomshakalaka

Some of you know I'm a fan of the NBA. I grew up a huge Boston Celtics fan. I still manage to make time to follow the league. My friend and coworker Jordan Johnson started an NBA blog titled Boomshakalaka. He extended an invite to write a guest post for it, so I took him... Continue Reading →

So Long, Johnny

Standing at home plate in Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium (June 14, 2012)Growing up in Omaha, during the 80's, making a trek to the College World Series was a given. Even if you weren't a fan of baseball, the event was so much fun that it attracted people from all over. It was a carnival, with some... Continue Reading →

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