Sabbath & The Dark Side of Ministry

Earlier in the summer, I met up with friend and former coworker Wendell Nelson. I was sharing about some of the things I had learned since I resigned from Christ Community Church. He asked if I could share some of what I had learned about Sabbath, and share stories of my time at CCC, with the first year CCC residents. Continue reading...

Skate or Die in the Outback

For over eighteen months I was part of a traveling theater company that went all over America to perform an original one-act play and then talk about missions involvement. We'd perform at churches, student ministry events, or Christian schools. And then there were the random venues. Continue reading...

All About the Benjamin

I've been with the boys by myself. When Jana is away, I'll try and take the boys to do something special. Usually, it's a trip to the movie theater, eating out somewhere, or I'll get a LEGO set for us to build together. This time, though, I didn't think it would be prudent for me to take the boys out for food, fun, and/or a movie. I couldn't justify the cost since I'm not employed yet.

24 Hours in Moscow

We flew out of Chicago and landed in Moscow to catch our connecting flight to Minsk, Belarus. Going through immigration, I remember juxtaposing being in Moscow on a mission trip with it being the center of America's enemy. I was lost in my thoughts as we went through immigration. Being one of the last ones through, the immigration officer asked if I wanted to smoke a cigarette after she handed me my papers. I declined. Continue reading...

Revisiting the Missionary Days

In the fall of 1994, I passed on going to college and spent the rest of the year in Montana and Arkansas. It was the first chapter of my time as a missionary, even if I didn't fully understand it in the moment. Continue reading...

The Journey to 13.1

How I went from running a few blocks to running 13.1 miles. Continue reading...

Murphy Family & Sabbath Update

I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot and parked the minivan. I turned off the engine, and sat there holding the steering wheel. Ahead of me, I watched as people drove by, underneath an overcast sky, going about their daily lives. I wondered about my own life. I had driven from a meeting where a former leader had been a tad condescending with my Sabbath course of action. Apparently, I was not being realistic since I still had no job. Continue reading...

Prayer Requests

Throughout this season of life, people have often asked how they can pray and/or support us. We are grateful for this. Like any good pastor, I have it broken down to three points. That’s how Jesus preached, right? Three points all alliterated. Gospel preaching right there. 😉 Continue reading

Gratefulness: An Update

This was a fun project to work on and I hope to keep at it in 2019. Unfortunately, since Thanksgiving I’m on my third prescription to treat being sick. I’ve been battling a cold, cough, ear infection...yeah. So, I paused the gratefulness posts. Continue reading

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