LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 17 – Troop Cause

Why does one join a movement? Why does one join a cause for change? Why would one join a rebellion?

LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 16 – A-Wing Family Affair

The Christmas season can strengthen the love between family members, but for some it can bring stress and anxiety towards family. People can dread seeing in-laws, or are sad due to a loved one no longer speaking to them.

LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 15 – Might has no Fight

The Rebel Alliance had no way of winning with might against the Death Star. They had to turn the tables on the Empire and leverage their advantages.

LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 14 – You Came in that Thing?

Needless to say, the Skywalker siblings were not impressed when they first saw the Millennium Falcon. That was somewhat intentional by Han Solo.

LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 13 – Assassinate

The threat and reality of death was always present in Jesus' life. When he was a newborn, his family needed to escape to Egypt so he would not be killed by Herod the Great.

LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 12 – Kingdom Now

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” Han Solo said this in Star Wars as Luke Skywalker tried to defend the Force and the Jedi way. Han wasn’t having any of it. He’d seen the Empire rule by force, so what was going to change that?

LEGO Star Wars Advent: Day 11 – Herod the Star Destroyer

The Star Destroyer, the featured ship in the iconic opening scene of Star Wars. In The Empire Strikes Back, Star Destroyers come together, due to Darth Vader in pursuit of Luke Skywalker, and we are treated to one of the iconic themes of the saga.