Gratefulness: That One Jimmy’s Egg Meal

This past August, Jana and I took our boys to Jimmy's Egg for breakfast. We haven't gone out to eat nearly as much this past year, but we wanted to bless our boys. The past few years they've been involved with the Omaha and Bennington Public Libraries summer reading programs. At the end of the summer, they receive prizes for reading books throughout the summer. One of the prizes was a free short stack of pancakes courtesy of Jimmy's Egg... Continue reading

Gratefulness: WellCare/Medicaid

"Remember this at the ballot box." The quote is from a church leader who said it at a staff meeting during the 2016 Presidential election. The only issue/topic that was addressed directly, to the staff, throughout the 2016 Presidential election was healthcare. It was addressed more than once. We were told "Trumpcare" would be "cheaper and better" for us once Obamacare was repealed... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Eric Carpenter

"How come you weren't at my wedding?" I didn't think Eric would notice. The fact he did notice made me smile, but then made me feel awful I wasn't there. I had planned on being there, but the previous day I had driven fourteen hours. I wanted a day to rest and get better since many in my family were dealing with sickness. The rest was needed, but when I saw Eric for the first time after he was married...I wish I would've gone. Eric was more than a friend I began to realize that day... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Fuel Saver

"It's more expensive there (at Hy-Vee)." "It's to make you purchase things they want to sell and you don't need." "Two cents off a gallon...big deal. Does it really matter?" Since I resigned, I have not earned a steady paycheck. This should be obvious, but did not want to gloss over that fact... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Public Libraries

ME: How many books have you read this year? LIAM: (checks reading log) 138, but I haven’t logged a few. Growing up, the local library, A.V. Sorensen, was where my friends and I would play basketball. It’s not where I went to read/check out books, or do homework. There was often reading associated with homework, so I didn’t fill my spare time with reading... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Jeremy Bouman

Jeremy Bouman and I were at Starbucks catching up on life. Well, it was more than catching up. It was July 2017, and I was sharing with him how I would be resigning from Christ Community Church. I trusted him. He was one of the first individuals I told, and I valued any insight and wisdom he would share... Continue reading

One Year Later & Gratefulness

One Year Later. The narrative jump in pop culture artifacts that is often employed, like the recent Battlestar Galactica series or the DC Comics crossover event. It can be exciting and intriguing as you try and fill in the gaps with your favorite story and/or characters as they are (usually) embodying a different life than before... Continue reading

Message: The Mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:6-16)

Tyler Zach asked if I would preach one of the Sundays. The message would cover 1 Corinthians 2:6-16... Continue reading

Who To Follow, Friend, Fan? (A Facebook Friends Culling Follow-Up)

It's been interesting to read some of the responses to my previous post. Some are relieved they made the cut... Continue reading

Unfriend, Unlike, & Untangle

Last fall, I spent one afternoon unfriending 600 Facebook friends. In the following days, I unfriended an additional 100... Continue reading