Gratefulness: Random Acts of Kindness

You know car bumpers that are covered in bumper stickers? Often a mishmash of religious and/or political statements that never influence someone with a differing view. I shake my head when I see it. Jana knows this, and made reference to the individual's car before sharing, “They said the Holy Spirit told them to give us this.” It was a financial gift. Grateful. Humbled. Still shaking my head, but for different reasons... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Beth Moore

I was often disappointed by various columns and posts from American Church leaders who took positions of the “end justifying the means” when it came to their unconditional support of Trump. My own faith, and my views about Trump, seemed to put me increasingly at odds with a majority of the church leaders I was aware of at the time. One person who did not disappoint was Beth Moore... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Westroads

When I started this Sabbath, I knew I wanted to take time to read, write, and process things going in my life. While it would be nice to do that at home all the time, it can be hard with four boys who are doing school. Sometimes, my presence can be more of a distraction with their studies. So, I wanted to find a place where I could go and process during this Sabbath... Continue reading

Gratefulness: CCC Friends

Last Wednesday, I was at Flagship Commons filling out some documents. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and his schedule is busy, but I wondered if a friend had a few minutes to hang out. I text him, and sure enough he says he will come by... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Fire Pits

Over seven years ago, I came home from work and smelled smoke. I went to the backyard, and there was a freshly dug fire pit. Jana had talked about having one since we first moved into our home, and then there it was. She was giddy about it. I had no idea how blessed we were about to be... Continue reading

Gratefulness: JK Rowling

My Harry Potter fandom? It started as part protest, part curiosity with fellow Christians freaking out over the books. If it weren’t for the hysterics, I don’t think I would have started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone back in 2001... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Running

At age 42, why start running now? I wasn't sure at first... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Mark Rober

It started with making a pinewood derby car. Liam was entered into his first pinewood derby event and needed help making the car. More to the point, I needed help with showing him how to make a good car. So, I googled something and one of the top results was a Mark Rober video on how to make a pinewood derby car... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Beth Katz & Lonnie Michael

On this date two years ago, Beth Katz, Lonnie Michael, and I got together at Caffeine Dreams. Our conversations were usually a mix of thoughtful, challenging, story telling, current events, and fun.This day, a few days after Donald Trump was elected President, the conversation was going to be different. It was going to be loaded... Continue reading

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