The Journey to 13.1

How I went from running a few blocks to running 13.1 miles. Continue reading...

Murphy Family & Sabbath Update

I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot and parked the minivan. I turned off the engine, and sat there holding the steering wheel. Ahead of me, I watched as people drove by, underneath an overcast sky, going about their daily lives. I wondered about my own life. I had driven from a meeting where a former leader had been a tad condescending with my Sabbath course of action. Apparently, I was not being realistic since I still had no job. Continue reading...

Gratefulness: Jeremy Bouman

Jeremy Bouman and I were at Starbucks catching up on life. Well, it was more than catching up. It was July 2017, and I was sharing with him how I would be resigning from Christ Community Church. I trusted him. He was one of the first individuals I told, and I valued any insight and wisdom he would share... Continue reading

One Year Later & Gratefulness

One Year Later. The narrative jump in pop culture artifacts that is often employed, like the recent Battlestar Galactica series or the DC Comics crossover event. It can be exciting and intriguing as you try and fill in the gaps with your favorite story and/or characters as they are (usually) embodying a different life than before... Continue reading

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