221 (Baby Dedication Stats)

Yesterday, I performed my last round of baby dedications while working at Christ Community Church. It's a part of the job I really enjoy. Continue reading...

Hurt (adj) People Hurt (verb) People

Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.” -Luke 7:47 (NIV) Jackson Aiden Mason I was upset. I had been hurt by someone, and I felt aggrieved. The matter was not going to be rectified, and this upset me more. Sophia … Continue reading Hurt (adj) People Hurt (verb) People

Connecting through Prayer at the Online Campus

Going through a divorce. Overwhelmed by single parenthood. Looking for employment. Insomnia. Sickness. Family conflict. Job stress. This past Sunday, I heard a number of prayer requests throughout the day. Many were during the Online Campus services, but people reached out to me before and after as well. It's a trust I've built with people … Continue reading Connecting through Prayer at the Online Campus

Coming Clean: My Addiction Story {Repost}

I wrote and posted this over two years ago (June 16, 2011) on my old blog. ----- When I heard Micah Baldwin share at Big Omaha, I knew I was going to write this post someday. I should clarify that it was when I heard Micah share in 2009. When Micah shared at the recent Big Omaha, … Continue reading Coming Clean: My Addiction Story {Repost}

Pregnancy, Birth, and Now… (Part 3 of 3)

Click to read Part 1 and Part 2. "Nothing." I thought this couldn't be right. When looking at what's next, when considering life and work, there is nothing I should additionally pursue right now? It was a curve ball I didn't expect at the time. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the difficulties and … Continue reading Pregnancy, Birth, and Now… (Part 3 of 3)

Pregnancy, Birth, and Now… (Part 1 of 3)

When Jana and I found out we were pregnant again, it elicited joy from us. From the timing of the pregnancy, to the fact we were going to have four kids like we wanted, we were overjoyed. The joy slowly wore away, though. During Jana's pregnancy with Gideon (our third child), there were times it … Continue reading Pregnancy, Birth, and Now… (Part 1 of 3)

Mark Driscoll, Russell Westbrook, Christianity & Politics

I decided to take some time with this post, and make sure I was still thinking and feeling what I was in the moment that inspired it. In 2008, I started reading/listening to Mark Driscoll's works. Mark is the founder and Teaching Pastor of Mars Hill Church out of Seattle. I was familiar with his … Continue reading Mark Driscoll, Russell Westbrook, Christianity & Politics

Pray For/Against Obama {Repost}

With President Barack Obama's second term beginning, and seeing a variety of comments on social media, I thought it would be good to link to an old post of mine. The post was a response to the thinking behind an anonymous note asking people to pray a particular verse for President Obama. Click here to … Continue reading Pray For/Against Obama {Repost}

Growing Faith

It can be easy to pray for things when they are attainable by your own efforts. Or, it's easy to pray general, positive things like, "God, bless with wisdom/protection/strength." It's quite something else when the thing you are praying for is necessary to your own vitality. This past year, I've been challenged to grow in … Continue reading Growing Faith

Praying for Ashley’s Family

"Daddy, look! A Pinwheel!" Duncan squealed with glee at the sight of the pinwheel as we waited at the stop light. I looked over and saw the pinwheel, amidst the makeshift memorial for some unknown person. As habit, I said a brief prayer for the unknown victim's family and friends. Since moving into our home, … Continue reading Praying for Ashley’s Family