Message: The Mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:6-16)

Tyler Zach asked if I would preach one of the Sundays. The message would cover 1 Corinthians 2:6-16... Continue reading

Who To Follow, Friend, Fan? (A Facebook Friends Culling Follow-Up)

It's been interesting to read some of the responses to my previous post. Some are relieved they made the cut... Continue reading

The 100: Dick Amundson (Leadership Quest ’93)

"Have you ever thought about not going to college?"

The 100: Mitch & Rebekah Rayborn

Fall of 1995. I had just finished up a "gap year", having spent some time in Montana, Arkansas, Belarus and Mexico, but I had no idea what I was going to do next. I was hanging around in Omaha, and some people I knew were checking out a college group at Westside Church.

A Funeral, Reunion, Celebration and Wonder (A Tease of Upcoming Posts)

Earlier in the week, I attended a funeral for Oren Paris Sr. He was the founder of the missions organizations I was a part of for nearly ten years. (1994-2004)The funeral was in Springdale, Arkansas. The family and I drove down to Kansas City on Sunday evening, and then I drove down to Arkansas on … Continue reading A Funeral, Reunion, Celebration and Wonder (A Tease of Upcoming Posts)

The RID Project: U2 and Fandom as I Know it (Update #4)

For an explanation on The RID Project, click here. To read previous updates, click here.What is the sign of being a fan of a team, an artist, or show? What does that mean now as opposed to twenty years ago?Throughout high school, I was a fan of Pearl Jam. This was 1991-94, so it was … Continue reading The RID Project: U2 and Fandom as I Know it (Update #4)

9/11: Ten Years Later

A collection of thoughts about 9/11, ten years later.I remember the silence. The silence before all hell broke loose. The drive into work on the morning of September 11 had been silent.  I can’t remember why my wife and I weren’t talking, but we weren’t as our car weaved through the backroads of northwest Arkansas. … Continue reading 9/11: Ten Years Later

Pearl Jam: 20 Years Later

I still can't recall all the details of when I first heard Pearl Jam, but I do remember being hooked instantly after hearing their song "Alive". It was sometime late in 1991 or early 1992. Another day of pretending to be sick, staying home, and watching MTV most of the day. The video for "Alive" … Continue reading Pearl Jam: 20 Years Later

Coming Clean: My Addiction Story

Would I be willing to tell my coworkers about overcoming my addiction? Continue reading...

Pray For/Against Obama

A note I found today, in the men's bathroom, at CCC. For part of former President Bill Clinton's tenure as President, I lived in Arkansas. Besides being Clinton's home, it's also located in the Bible Belt. I was on staff at a missions organization, and a number of the people I worked with hated the … Continue reading Pray For/Against Obama