Liam & Duncan’s Thoughts About Mommy

One of the things I did for Jana's birthday was to ask Liam and Duncan some questions about their mom. I got the idea from a recent Steven Furtick message when he shared a questionnaire his wife gave to his two sons about him.A nice way to celebrate Jana's birthday, and highlight how amazing she … Continue reading Liam & Duncan’s Thoughts About Mommy

Eleven Years In [Video]

Thanks for eleven wonderful years, Jana.----Follow RamHatter on Twitter @RamHatter / RamHatter Facebook Fan Page / RamHatter on Vimeo / / CCC ----

We Need A Minivan

Jana and I own, and drive, a 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. I was an underclassmen in high school when this car came off the factory line. It's old.Don't get me wrong, we have been grateful for this car. When our previous car died, during the morning rush hour on Dodge Street, we were given the Oldsmobile … Continue reading We Need A Minivan

Debt: Out of the Red and Into the Black

It's about time... Depending on the statistic, the average amount of credit card debt in America is around $10,000. When you factor the interest you pay on that debt, the amount skyrockets in what you pay to get out of debt. Jana and I had been debt free before we moved into our home. We … Continue reading Debt: Out of the Red and Into the Black

The RID Project: More Clothing…and Pride (Update #16)

Almost all my clothes fit in one-fourth of my closet space.Another week, another round of getting rid of clothes. What's happened is the space I have in the closet, and dresser, have opened up immeasurably. I've gotten rid of some hangars as well, because they are just there taking up space.An interesting thing with this latest … Continue reading The RID Project: More Clothing…and Pride (Update #16)

The RID Project: My Version of Golden Boy (Update #12)

A t-shirt I've had since high school.Before this post starts, some context. A clip from my favorite episode of Seinfeld.Some t-shirts last longer than they should. And even when they should be retired, we hold onto them because they have lasted so long. They take on sentimental value.One of my t-shirts I have had since high … Continue reading The RID Project: My Version of Golden Boy (Update #12)

Home for Christmas

This holiday season, Christmas falls on a Sunday. Back in 2005, when this last happened, it was the first time I heard of churches not holding services on the day. This created a bit of a controversy within Christian circles. Locally, I heard people say the church should always be open, even if they weren't … Continue reading Home for Christmas

9/11: Ten Years Later

A collection of thoughts about 9/11, ten years later.I remember the silence. The silence before all hell broke loose. The drive into work on the morning of September 11 had been silent.  I can’t remember why my wife and I weren’t talking, but we weren’t as our car weaved through the backroads of northwest Arkansas. … Continue reading 9/11: Ten Years Later

Coming Clean: My Addiction Story

Would I be willing to tell my coworkers about overcoming my addiction? Continue reading...

A Welcome Funeral

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for Mae Malm. Mae was ninety years old. I first met her when I started working at Christ Community Church in 2005. She was the wife of one of my coworkers, Irving Malm. Irving was the Pastor of Senior Adults, and the two of them served joyfully and faithfully. … Continue reading A Welcome Funeral