Gratefulness: CCC Friends

Last Wednesday, I was at Flagship Commons filling out some documents. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and his schedule is busy, but I wondered if a friend had a few minutes to hang out. I text him, and sure enough he says he will come by... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Beth Katz & Lonnie Michael

On this date two years ago, Beth Katz, Lonnie Michael, and I got together at Caffeine Dreams. Our conversations were usually a mix of thoughtful, challenging, story telling, current events, and fun.This day, a few days after Donald Trump was elected President, the conversation was going to be different. It was going to be loaded... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Eric Carpenter

"How come you weren't at my wedding?" I didn't think Eric would notice. The fact he did notice made me smile, but then made me feel awful I wasn't there. I had planned on being there, but the previous day I had driven fourteen hours. I wanted a day to rest and get better since many in my family were dealing with sickness. The rest was needed, but when I saw Eric for the first time after he was married...I wish I would've gone. Eric was more than a friend I began to realize that day... Continue reading

Who To Follow, Friend, Fan? (A Facebook Friends Culling Follow-Up)

It's been interesting to read some of the responses to my previous post. Some are relieved they made the cut... Continue reading

Unfriend, Unlike, & Untangle

Last fall, I spent one afternoon unfriending 600 Facebook friends. In the following days, I unfriended an additional 100... Continue reading

Aaron to Zach (CCC Staff Team)

One of the things I'll miss is the little moments with coworkers. Moments in the hallways, behind the scenes, in meetings where we aren't paying attention... Continue reading

Online Campus: Abby Anderson in Ukraine

One of the cool things with the Online Campus is connecting with people all around the world. Abby Anderson is one of those individuals for me. I didn't know her before we launched the Online Campus, but now? I know her and a bit of her story. She serves in the Peace Corps over in... Continue Reading →

"You Look Tired, Robert."

Most of us know someone that can see beyond the veneer of our life and address what's underneath. No matter what we may be portraying to the world, they can see through it.Because of my life experiences, I can do a good job of disguising what I'm thinking and feeling. And let's face it, a... Continue Reading →

Twitter & Getting Back to the Conversation

Something I noticed a few months ago with my Twitter use was I had become less involved. I was following more people than ever, but it was all starting to become noise.Back when Twitter was a novelty, there were a lot of fun conversations I had with people I didn't know. A number of these... Continue Reading →

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