Gratefulness: That One Jimmy’s Egg Meal

This past August, Jana and I took our boys to Jimmy's Egg for breakfast. We haven't gone out to eat nearly as much this past year, but we wanted to bless our boys. The past few years they've been involved with the Omaha and Bennington Public Libraries summer reading programs. At the end of the summer, they receive prizes for reading books throughout the summer. One of the prizes was a free short stack of pancakes courtesy of Jimmy's Egg... Continue reading

Gratefulness: Fuel Saver

"It's more expensive there (at Hy-Vee)." "It's to make you purchase things they want to sell and you don't need." "Two cents off a gallon...big deal. Does it really matter?" Since I resigned, I have not earned a steady paycheck. This should be obvious, but did not want to gloss over that fact... Continue reading

We Need A Minivan

Jana and I own, and drive, a 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. I was an underclassmen in high school when this car came off the factory line. It's old.Don't get me wrong, we have been grateful for this car. When our previous car died, during the morning rush hour on Dodge Street, we were given the Oldsmobile... Continue Reading →

Out Of Debt, But Now Here Come The Expenses

As you might know, Jana and I recently got out of credit card debt. A wonderful feeling. Of course, now a variety of expenses hit.The big thing we need is a minivan. There are other things we could use, but we've managed to get by for the time being. At some point, though, we will... Continue Reading →

Debt: Out of the Red and Into the Black

It's about time... Depending on the statistic, the average amount of credit card debt in America is around $10,000. When you factor the interest you pay on that debt, the amount skyrockets in what you pay to get out of debt. Jana and I had been debt free before we moved into our home. We... Continue Reading →

The RID Project: Clothing (Update #15)

After the last The RID Project post, I was inspired to take things a step further. Really, how many of my clothes can I get rid of today? I read about others who get rid of a majority of their wardrobe, why can't I do the same? I've already done it with t-shirts and pants,... Continue Reading →

Minimalist Christmas & Celebrating Jesus’ Birth

We all acknowledge that Christmas is about consumerism in America. The idea is old*, yet most Americans still spend into debt for Christmas. This Christmas season, spending is up 58% amongst Americans. While not at the 2004 levels, when Americans were spending $1000 on Christmas, Americans are spending over $650 on Christmas this season.***Even Charles... Continue Reading →

Double Your Impact: Simplify

Joshua Becker speaks about minimalism at CCC. photo by Jordan Green(To hear the audio from last night's Joshua Becker event, click here.)Last night, Christ Community Church had Joshua Becker come in and speak at one of the Double Your Impact events. Joshua runs the blog Becoming Minimalist, and has also authored a number of books... Continue Reading →

Simplify, Sacrifice & Huskers

Tonight, Josh Becker is speaking at CCC about simplicity. I'm looking forward to attending because it will deal with an issue I've been thinking a lot about lately.Jana and I have been trying to simplify our lives the past few years. We've tried to be efficient with our time, money and resources. It's something I've... Continue Reading →

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