End of a Chapter

After twelve years of working at Christ Community Church, my time as an employee will come to an end. I leave with incredible gratitude and love for the people that make up CCC. It’s been an honor and joy to serve as a pastor here. Continue reading...

One Day

One of the few books I read from high school that still appeals to me is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. As I began writing this post, One Day... came to mind and I decided to write about the entirety of the day. It's a slow build till the impetus … Continue reading One Day

Kids, Salvation, & Celebrate Crossing The Line

My two oldest boys responded to an invitation to "cross the line" from death to life at the Easter services. A number of people saw them since it was the first Easter service, and they were first up on stage. During the night, I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about what the boys had just … Continue reading Kids, Salvation, & Celebrate Crossing The Line

Answered Prayer (We Have A Minivan!)

ME: (answering iPhone) Hello?ANONYMOUS: Hey Robert, what are you doing?ME: Just working on what I'm going to say for baby dedications tomorrow.ANONYMOUS: You want to go shopping?Where to start.My first thought is of Liam. His childlike faith challenged and inspired me. His simple prayers of asking for a new van, one that had a dvd … Continue reading Answered Prayer (We Have A Minivan!)

We Need A Minivan

Jana and I own, and drive, a 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight. I was an underclassmen in high school when this car came off the factory line. It's old.Don't get me wrong, we have been grateful for this car. When our previous car died, during the morning rush hour on Dodge Street, we were given the Oldsmobile … Continue reading We Need A Minivan

My Troubles with being Irish in America

(Stream of consciousness post.) I think most of us have moments that are seared into our memory. The moments are often breaking news items or events that change the trajectory of our life. For my generation, one of those moments is the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. There is another, lesser-known moment that is still clear … Continue reading My Troubles with being Irish in America

"Downwards is the only way forwards."

I don't think there has been a time in my life where I have been more efficient with my schedule. And yet I still feel overwhelmed by the wave of work and life that is coming over me.One month from today the Online Campus officially launches. What is there to do before then? Everything. An … Continue reading "Downwards is the only way forwards."

Beyond The Message: Doling out rewards, benefits and punishments

In this second installment of Beyond The Message, I sit down with Teaching & College Pastor Gavin Johnson to discuss his recent Future Shock message. A free flowing, off the cuff conversation ensues where we touch on:What are the types of judgment?What happens after we die?Do we really get rewards for our works?God is good, … Continue reading Beyond The Message: Doling out rewards, benefits and punishments

9/11: Ten Years Later

A collection of thoughts about 9/11, ten years later.I remember the silence. The silence before all hell broke loose. The drive into work on the morning of September 11 had been silent.  I can’t remember why my wife and I weren’t talking, but we weren’t as our car weaved through the backroads of northwest Arkansas. … Continue reading 9/11: Ten Years Later

2011 Leadership Summit (Session 4 / Steven Furtick)

Steven Furtick is the founder and Lead Pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. In under six years, Elevation Church has seen tremendous growth and impact in the Charlotte area.Here are my notes from the previous speakers: Bill Hybels, Len Schlesinger, Cory Booker, Brenda Salter McNeil, and Seth Godin.Audacious Faith by Steven Furtick I'm dumb … Continue reading 2011 Leadership Summit (Session 4 / Steven Furtick)