221 (Baby Dedication Stats)

Yesterday, I performed my last round of baby dedications while working at Christ Community Church. It's a part of the job I really enjoy. Continue reading...

End of a Chapter

After twelve years of working at Christ Community Church, my time as an employee will come to an end. I leave with incredible gratitude and love for the people that make up CCC. It’s been an honor and joy to serve as a pastor here. Continue reading...

Where I’m at with Online Church

600. The average online attendance is nearly 600 this year. This is almost a 20% growth over the previous year. At most, I know 5% of the audience by name on any given Sunday. Since I started the Online Campus, I've tried to reconcile church in an online format. When the Online Campus started, we (CCC leadership and myself) … Continue reading Where I’m at with Online Church

From a Piece of Broken Pottery to Feeding 600+ Students

Back in 2011, I heard Mama Maggie Gobran and Bill Hybels share about tough callings. One of the points was the world is not going to get better unless we make ourselves available for tough assignments. In an effort to be reminded of this idea after the conference, everyone was given a piece of broken … Continue reading From a Piece of Broken Pottery to Feeding 600+ Students

Dusting Off The Blog

Have you seen About Schmidt? It stars Jack Nicholson as Warren Schmidt. Schmidt has just retired from his job and becomes aware of the seeming insignificance of his life. He starts supporting an orphan overseas, Ndugu, and writes letters to him. When writing the first letter to Ndugu he is often sidetracked because something triggers … Continue reading Dusting Off The Blog

One Day

One of the few books I read from high school that still appeals to me is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. As I began writing this post, One Day... came to mind and I decided to write about the entirety of the day. It's a slow build till the impetus … Continue reading One Day

Online Campus: When All Goes Wrong

  "I feel defeated."Jordan and I have been doing a lot of preparation on Fridays, lately, for the Sunday Online Campus services. We make sure everything is prepped and ready. The past three months have shown us that we need to be prepared as much as possible.This past week, we once again got everything prepped … Continue reading Online Campus: When All Goes Wrong