Gratefulness: Public Libraries

ME: How many books have you read this year? LIAM: (checks reading log) 138, but I haven’t logged a few. Growing up, the local library, A.V. Sorensen, was where my friends and I would play basketball. It’s not where I went to read/check out books, or do homework. There was often reading associated with homework, so I didn’t fill my spare time with reading... Continue reading

The RID Project: Sunk Costs {with Lemony Snicket} (Update #22)

A series of unfortunate booksWhen there is a television or book series, and it starts to decline in quality, you usually here how fans of the series don't like it like they once did. However, they will stick with the series because they have invested so much into the series already.I think most fans, when... Continue Reading →

Hatter’s Dozen 2011: Media

Like most people, I consume a lot of media throughout the year. It can vary from year to year, though, how many books, movies, music, shows and more I will consume. Instead of doing a separate list for each category of media, I like to combine them all into one list. The cream of the... Continue Reading →

Why The RID Project?

Even in July I was ready to get rid of stuff in my cellar.It's been two months since I started The RID Project. I wanted to share some thoughts about the overall project, and share some goals with it.Why am I doing this, getting rid of stuff? I want to be a better steward of... Continue Reading →

The RID Project: Children’s Books (Update #8)

For an explanation of The RID Project, click here. To read previous updates, click here.Jana and I have three sons, and our oldest just celebrated his fifth birthday. The boys have four sets of grandparents who like to give gifts. Not to mention we have friends who are going through the same stage of life... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Message: "Love Wins"

Why now?Seven months after the release of Rob Bell's book Love Wins, and the subsequent controversy, I decided to read the book. When the book was announced I intended to read it, but then Rob started talking about the book, in interviews, and I was less than enthralled to read it. I quickly forgot about... Continue Reading →

Curry Fries & Mayo #16

In the lead up to last night’s Vice Presidential debate I think a majority of people were expecting Gov. Sarah Palin to have a gaffe in the realm of Dan Quayle’s from the ’88 debate. I was thinking it was a viable possibility because of her sitdown with Katie Couric. I think the McCain campaign... Continue Reading →

White Out

The snow continues to fall in round two of the season's first snowstorm. After predictions jumped toward 15 and 16 inches, they all have come down to 12 inches. It must be tough being a forecaster. Storms can change instantly, with an infinite amount of variables in the environment. (Chaos theory) A forecaster tries to... Continue Reading →

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