Drugs and the Online Campus

"Is it against God to use marijuana in a recreational use?"If you've ever attended a church service, has that question ever been posed to you during the actual service? I'm guessing no, but that question was asked to me during the last Online Campus service. I thought it was great, and I was glad the … Continue reading Drugs and the Online Campus

The Good of the Online Campus So Far

"You are the only confessed Christian I have ever shared that with"We are three services into the life of the Online Campus. It's hard to draw too many conclusions from such a small sample size. Still, it's been worthwhile.When pitching the concept of online church I could often get people to agree with the concept. … Continue reading The Good of the Online Campus So Far

Hatter’s Dozen 2011: Top Posts

First up with the Hatter's Dozen is Top Posts. This year, I wrote 226 posts (and counting) on the blog. I use two different services to measure analytics for the blog. There was some discrepancy in the middle of the rankings, so I went with the post that I thought garnered more traction with people. … Continue reading Hatter’s Dozen 2011: Top Posts

Thoughts on 2 Timothy 2:20-21

I am a part of a cohort, at Christ Community Church, that meets every other Wednesday evening. One of our first projects centered around the Book of 2 Timothy. I was reading through it, and a passage stuck with me.Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also … Continue reading Thoughts on 2 Timothy 2:20-21

Terrorism In Norway, Amy Winehouse, Addiction & Social Media

When I first started dealing with my addiction, I was careful with who I told about it initially. As I told people, it was interesting to see and experience the immediate reactions and later responses. People were really happy for me and a number of them were inspired to make changes in their own lives. … Continue reading Terrorism In Norway, Amy Winehouse, Addiction & Social Media

Coming Clean: My Addiction Story

Would I be willing to tell my coworkers about overcoming my addiction? Continue reading...

Big Omaha 2011: Micah Baldwin

Micah Baldwin is CEO and chief community caretaker of Graphicly, a startup providing an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated merchandise. He bares his soul when he shares. There is no pretense. This was the case two years ago, when he shared at Big Omaha, but he went all in this … Continue reading Big Omaha 2011: Micah Baldwin

Infographic: The Power Of Porn

Mark Driscoll tweeted out this infographic earlier today regarding Americans' addiction to pron. Online Psychology Degree is the organization behind the infographic.For those that struggle with porn and sex addiction, know that Christ Community Church has a Renewal Ministry, that meets on Tuesday evenings, to help those that struggle with these addictions.Via: Online Psychology Degree----Follow … Continue reading Infographic: The Power Of Porn


Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed that easily. --Dorothy Day I love that statement. I came across it earlier in the year in a letter I received from Mars Hill Graduate School. It also brings to mind another favorite of mine by Victor Hugo from Les Miserables. Do we really … Continue reading Caverns

Seattle Sound (Part 2)

Day two of the workshop. I awoke from a dream early Friday morning. In the dream I was being attacked. It then quickly dawned on me that I was in a hotel in southern Seattle. So I laid there for awhile watching Sportscenter before getting ready and heading off to Mars Hill Graduate School (MHGS). … Continue reading Seattle Sound (Part 2)