Gratefulness: Beth Moore

Throughout the month of November, I want to take time to share about people or things I am grateful for over the past year. Previous entries: Jeremy BoumanPublic LibrariesFuel SaverEric CarpenterWellCare/MedicaidThat One Jimmy’s Egg MealBeth Katz & Lonnie MichaelMark RoberRunningJK RowlingFire PitsCCC Friends, Westroads.

Around the time of Trump’s ascension to the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, I was looking to leaders within the American church to address a disturbing trend of some (white evangelical) Christians enthusiastic support for an unrepentant individual who claimed to follow Jesus. I was often disappointed by various columns and posts from American Church leaders who took positions of the “end justifying the means” when it came to their unconditional support of Trump. My own faith, and my views about Trump, seemed to put me increasingly at odds with a number of church leaders I was aware of at the time.

One person who did not disappoint was Beth Moore.

Up until this point, Beth Moore was someone I was tangentially aware of due to women’s Bible studies. My wife, and some other friends, had gone through her studies. I couldn’t tell you anything about Beth Moore or her work. I thought it was nice there was a series of Bible studies geared toward women. Nothing more. It was in the aftermath of the Access Hollywood tape where Trump bragged of sexually assaulting women. This tweet, and her subsequent refusal to back down, earned my respect and admiration. While I had faced some brushback for speaking out against Trump’s sinful behavior, it was nothing near what Beth Moore endured.

I started following her on Twitter, and have enjoyed her wisdom and wit ever since. I know social media, and Twitter especially, has their factions of trolls and scoffers. Sifting through the noise are accounts, like Beth’s, that are a light. I have been encouraged by her faith and boldness as it comes through on Twitter. I’m thankful for the subsequent coverage of her being a white, evangelical woman taking a stand against misogyny, sexism, and sin in the Church and world. Her voice has been one God has used to make me examine my own faith on a variety of issues.

And, as a Gen X-er who is getting older and has heard I can’t be relevant to people who aren’t within ten years of my age, I love that she is still going strong and making an impact on people’s lives across generations.

The funny thing? I haven’t read any of her books yet. (I do have one on my nightstand I haven’t cracked open yet thanks to the library!) I know this, what I’ve seen in public from her is a faithful and firm reflection of Jesus’ love and truth.

I am grateful for Beth Moore.

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