Gratefulness: Fuel Saver

Throughout the month of November, I want to take time to share about people or things I am grateful for over the past year. Previous entries: Jeremy Bouman, Public Libraries.

“It’s more expensive there (at Hy-Vee).”
“It’s to make you purchase things they want to sell and you don’t need.”
“Two cents off a gallon…big deal. Does it really matter?”

Since I resigned, I have not earned a steady paycheck. This should be obvious, but I did not want to gloss over that fact. After my resignation announcement, initially I was telling people I hoped to have a job by the holidays (in 2017). The holidays came upon us, and I realized I wasn’t going to have a job along the lines of the timeline I had imposed. I had moments of worry regarding how I’d provide for my family, but would then feel peace that all would be well.

God has provided through a myriad of ways, and one of those has been through the Hy-Vee Fuel Saver Rewards. Yeah. $470 saved this year alone, and probably close to $600 saved since last fall. You may have saved a sizable amount with a fuel saver from a different grocery store. That’s great! Hy-Vee makes sense for us, though. It’s a five minute walk from home.

I do most of the grocery shopping for our family, and started utilizing HyVee’s Fuel Saver Rewards like never before. Scouring their social media, I target days to maximize the fuel saver. Like when there are promotions of, “Spend $50, get $0.25 off a gallon. Spend $100, get $0.50 off a gallon.” Game on. (Oh, and today you would receive $0.31 off a gallon if you spent $31 on groceries since the Huskers scored 31 points yesterday in their football game.) Some are annoyed the fuel saver is on certain Hy-Vee branded products. We don’t care that much with most of the products, and it’s usually cheaper.

When people pray for God’s provision, a number of people expect it to happen in miraculous ways. Have I experienced that? Yes, but it also happens a lot in ways that are overlooked. $600 saved. Those moments when you fill up your gas tank and it costs you $0.14. Provision. Some have chafed at this idea when I’ve mentioned it. I really don’t care. Over the past year I’ve able to provide for my family thanks to God’s miraculous and straightforward means. One of those straightforward means has been a fuel saver program.

I’m grateful for Hy-Vee’s Fuel Saver Rewards.

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