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When we begin to account for all the good things we did not cause, all the success we did not cause…it’s humbling.

When you attend a conference you often hear a lot of good statements that have you nodding your head. Of course, ten minutes after the conference ends you forget about the statements and are more concerned about what’s for dinner. The above Jim Collins’ statement has stuck with me though.

I sometimes like to think of myself as being self-made, but this is not true. Despite my non-traditional career path, and going it alone at various points in my life, I couldn’t have accomplished all I have without others.

Count your blessings. Literally. Count them in a spreadsheet. Do not stop until you have at least one hundred.

I followed Jim Collins’ advice. I started making a list of blessings, mainly people, and am working my way up to one hundred. Some not so obvious people on the list, and I am working to uncover more of those. Some that only did one thing, only said one thing, or we only had one moment of interaction. Some of these people have made mistakes, big mistakes, and others on this list have caused me pain to some degree. And yet, they made a positive difference in my life in some way. This year, I hope to write a post on each of those “blessings”…The 100.

The list is in the sixties right now, but hopefully it’ll finish this year as I continue to write about them. As I’ve compiled people, others have come to mind. Memories of long-forgotten blessings.

The list will not be ranked, but some will feature more prominently than others I’m sure! We will see what happens.

Thanks Jim.

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