After taking a hiatus in 2014, I am blogging the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar again. This is my third time, and I thought it would be appropriate with the new Star Wars movie coming out later this month. Each day, I riff a little bit on a (perceived) connection between Advent and whatever the LEGO Star Wars mini build is for the day.

This is meant to be lighthearted and fun.


Watching the Star Wars trilogy it’s easy to wonder how the Empire stayed in power with the Stormtroopers as their enforcement. They can’t hit anything with their blasters, they easily succumb to Jedi mind tricks, and are outdone by Ewoks.


They are supposed to represent power and bring a measure of order, but they fail in both.

When Jesus was born, the three Magi came to Jerusalem looking for the new King to worship. (Matthew 2) They went to Herod looking for answers, but Herod didn’t have any. So, Herod summoned Israel’s chief priests and scribes trying to get some answers. They responded by telling Herod of the prophecy of a king being born in Bethlehem. And then what do the chief priests and scribes do? As far as we know, nothing.

To be in league with Rome was perhaps a politically expedient thing to do, but for many Israelites it was troubling. The Pharisees saw it as a way of maintaining some order and power, but at what cost? Here was the prophecy of their savior being fulfilled, but instead they sided with the political power of Rome. There is nothing recording in the Bible saying the chief priests and scribes did anything to pursue Jesus. They were not serving the people they were supposed to be leading.

Often, we talk about how we want to follow Jesus, but when opportunities arise we don’t want to leave the perceived comforts of our lives. We don’t want to surrender. We want to remain in control. We think it will be chaotic if we yield to Jesus. And yet we fail when we don’t surrender to Him. We make matters worse. We pretend to be strong when we aren’t…believing the lie of the evil one. The evil one doesn’t care for us, much like the Emperor never cared for the Stormtroopers.

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