After taking a hiatus in 2014, I am blogging the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar again. This is my third time, and I thought it would be appropriate with the new Star Wars movie coming out later this month. Each day, I riff a little bit on a (perceived) connection between Advent and whatever the LEGO Star Wars mini build is for the day.

This is meant to be lighthearted and fun.


A weapon rack. This seems a bit gloomy, until I add the word “Ewok” to things. It’s an Ewok weapon rack. Somehow, the furry, marketable animals managed to turn the tide in the ground battle of the Battle of Endor so the Rebel Alliance could win. The Ewoks, with their bows and slings, should not have posed much of a threat.

And yet they still won.

One of the details to arise from Jesus’ birth is his connection to King David. Both genealogies have David in their lines. Joseph and Mary are traveling to Bethlehem, the City of David. The angel Gabriel says the following to Mary:

He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David… (Luke 1:32 ESV)

David, of course, made an indelible mark early in his life when he squared off against Goliath. The Philistines and Israelites were opposite each other, with a valley between them. Goliath, the Philistines’ champion, taunted and dared the Israelites to send a champion to fight him. No Israelites was willing to square off against Goliath, except David. He, just a boy, calmly gets his weapon. A sling and five smooth stones. This is not nearly as impressive as what Goliath had at the ready. And yet, all it took was one sling of a stone and Goliath was dead.

The Ewoks weapons were not impressive, but they used them to their advantage. They played to their strengths. With their opponent not considering the possibility of losing, they struck a mighty blow and defeated the Empire’s forces.

It’s like this with Jesus. He, his path, his ways, they do not not seem impressive. They are simple and boring when stacked up against some packages churches and organizations put together today to do “ministry”. What will have the greater impact, though? Jesus’ ways to do battle against evil, love, prayer, forgiveness, acts of charity, are far more effective than anything we could dream up. We shouldn’t forget this.

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