After taking a hiatus in 2014, I am blogging the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar again. This is my third time, and I thought it would be appropriate with the new Star Wars movie coming out later this month. Each day, I riff a little bit on a (perceived) connection between Advent and whatever the LEGO Star Wars mini build is for the day.

This is meant to be lighthearted and fun.


Jawas. I think those who aren’t familiar with Star Wars still know of Jawas and their saying of “Utinni!” Scavengers and swindlers,the pint-sized beings can be found roaming the Dune Sea on Tatooine. They were always on the lookout for some discarded droid that could be resold to some unsuspecting moisture farmer. If R5-D4 doesn’t show his bad motivator so soon, the Jawas would have pulled a fast one on Uncle Owen.

A saying amongst the Jawas is, “not to look for uses in a salvaged item, but rather to imagine someone else who might find a use for it.” I like that saying. They want you to see the best in something. Even if they don’t necessarily believe it, they like to believe in the idea of repurposing something for someone else.

We all have a purpose. Sometimes it may be hard to see, and we may not even believe that we do have a purpose. However, there is some purpose God has birthed in us. We may think we are not salvageable. However, Jesus, the messiah, came so we could not only be salvaged, but also redeemed from our past, repurposed for something better, and be a part of God’s family. (Titus 2:14, Galatians 4:4-6)

Some of us may not believe in that, but we would like to believe in the idea of it. Just like the Jawas.


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