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And on the final day of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, we have Jango Fett. In a Santa costume.

Jango Fett being a bounty hunter is ultimately in it for himself. What do you need from him? Pay enough and you’ll get that. His loyalties shift depending on the money.

Over the years, what Santa Claus has come to represent has been a bit malleable. Depending on the book you read, movie you watch, culture you live in, story you hear, Santa Claus will change slightly or greatly.

I feel like some people have tried to change the life and story of Jesus to their personal preference, but that can’t happen. People have tried to minimize some of his teachings, while others have tried to abuse them. It’s always done at the benefit of the particular individual. Still, the story of Jesus continues on.

Many people are drawn to Jesus. They believe in him, or they want to believe in the idea of who he is. Who Jesus is, and what he did while he was here on Earth as a man, continues to influence and impact the world today. In his day, people tried to control him and his message, but they couldn’t tame him. He wasn’t going to sell out for money or their standard of power. He was on a mission for humanity.

Christmas, the Nativity, the baby Jesus, we can see it for how we’d like it to benefits us, but is that in our best interests? Maybe, but maybe not. We need to make sure we see Jesus for who he was, and who he is. We need to understand why Jesus was born into this world. It was for our sake. It was for our redemption. It was for us to experience life to the fullest in this life and the life to come. It was for us to be in right relationship with God again. The Nativity wasn’t some Hallmark keepsake moment we could interpret however we feel like. It was intentional and served a multitude of reasons that we’ve explored, to a degree, throughout this calendar.

Our loyalties to Jesus shouldn’t be dependent on our interpretation of what we can gain. Our loyalties to Jesus should be dependent on first and foremost Jesus being the King. If he is the King like we all sing that he is this time of year, then we need to think through the ramifications of what that means in our life and world. But here’s the best part, Jesus as our King is a wonderful thing!

I read an article recently that summed it up well. “Like Pope Francis? You’ll love Jesus.”

Get to know the true King. Not the person who others blatantly misrepresent and pervert for their own selfish purposes. Get to know the person, firsthand, who inspires so much of what is going on this holiday season. Get to know Jesus, and it will be a gift to you.

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