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Nearing the end of the calendar, drawing closer to celebrating the birth of Jesus. To heighten the anticipation we have…a jetpack powered sleigh. Of course.

Yes, it’s LEGO. Yes, it’s Star Wars. Yes, it’s supposed to be a bit ridiculous. But one has to be careful not to lose sight of why we actually celebrate Christmas. I should rephrase that. One has to be careful not to forget why Christmas is a holiday. The decorations and traditions are fun, and it can be amusing to see what people add a dash of Christmas to this time of year to make a part of the festivities. (Much like LEGO and Star Wars.)

Part of the reason to blog this calendar was to see what connections can be made to the birth of Jesus. It’s meant to be fun, but also point out there is something more important going on than a daily LEGO Star Wars build.

I love Christmas. I love the season. I love giving gifts. I love celebrating with my family. I love the traditions, movies and music. (Not to mention I love the food!) The tie that binds all that together is Jesus. Jesus being the ultimate gift for humanity. It’s the foundation of it all, whether people realize it or not.

A jetpack powered sleigh? Awesome! Who wouldn’t want to have one of those to ride in through the woods during the winter months?! It’s like some of the house I take my family by during this time of year. The elaborate lights displays are amazing. What are we celebrating though? It’s not solely innovation. It’s not solely gifts. It’s Jesus.

Enjoy it all. Enjoy all the trappings. Enjoy the festivities. Enjoy family and community. Enjoy the fun and absurdity. But please don’t forget why.

It’s not just a trite saying of “Jesus is the reason for the season”…we need to reflect that this season. The people who claim to follow Jesus need to reflect he is the reason for the season. Enjoy it all, even jetpack powered sleighs, but at the end of the day remember it’s Jesus. Or else the holiday loses its power.

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