So, for the second year running, I’ve been blogging my way through LEGO’s Star Wars Advent Calendar. The product is absurd in many ways, and probably highlights what many think is the over-commercialization of Christmas.*

*Something people have been saying since A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Why do it? Because it is so ridiculous. I thought it would be interesting to see how one could draw a correlation with the birth of Jesus through LEGO and Star Wars. It probably helps I’m a Star Wars fan.

It can be challenging, especially when it’s an obscure build I’m dealing with on the day. However, it is fun to draw a connection with the day’s build with an important aspect of Jesus and the Nativity.

Last year was fun. This year? It’s still interesting, but since this is the third release of this calendar you have a lot more minor characters and ships involved. George Lucas and friends know people will buy it regardless, even if some of it is lame.

Looking forward to seeing what the next twelve days will hold. And, you know, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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Day 6 – Do Not Go Commando
Day 7 – Kingdom Now
Day 8 – To The Rescue
Day 9 – Unleash Hell
Day 10 – Obey?
Day 11 – Walk On
Day 12 – No Drop-Off

3 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars Advent: Days 1-12 {Recap}

  1. Just wanna say thanks for writing these up. Every year I think about buying one of these sets, wait too long, and then get sad at how expensive they become. It’s nice to be able to follow along day-by-day and get the calendar experience, and your interpretation of the relevant themes adds a lot of charm.


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