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The tenth day, and it brings us the Rebel Trooper. Chronologically, we first see them in Attack of the Clones when Obi-Wan visits Kamino. There he is introduced to the clone army of troopers created and developed for combat. They did not sway from obeying a superior’s orders.

In a critical scene from Revenge of the Sith, the Rebel Troopers are told to kill all the Jedi. Without hesitation, they obey this order and help bring about the downfall of the Jedi. The end of the Clone War was near.

Throughout the Nativity story, we see individuals choosing whether or not to obey in crucial situations. Some that stand out are Joseph, the Magi and the Jewish leaders. Joseph must choose whether or not to follow through with marrying Mary after finding out she is pregnant. The Magi must choose whether or not to spurn Herod when returning home. The Jewish leaders must choose to pursue God or self-preservation.

It would seem obvious Joseph and the Magi chose the right thing because they were warned by God, but is it that simple? Do we always do the right thing? How often do we choose the wrong thing when we know better? How often do we disobey God when we should know better? Abraham, David, and Peter are people from the Bible who disobeyed God when they knew better.

The Jewish leaders, the priests and the scribes, were presented with tangible evidence the promised Messiah had been born. Again, these are the priests and scribes, the alleged spiritual leaders of the Jewish people. Who will they obey? God or Caesar? Directly they would not say they chose Caesar, but they were not about to risk crossing the Roman leaders.* There is no Biblical evidence to show they were interested in finding out if the Messiah had been born. They did not want to anger Herod, who was on edge with the possibility of a threat to his rule. They chose self-preservation over the God they were supposed to be priests to. They didn’t think twice about it.

*Roughly thirty years later, the Pharisees would pose this question to Jesus about obeying God or Caesar. Jesus’ answer was one of brilliance and shut them down.

Unwavering obedience can be a good thing, but who are we being obedient to? Joseph was a simple, ordinary man. The Magi were possibly astrologers who knew nothing personal about God like the Jews did. They obeyed God, and history was made. The Jewish leaders obeyed Caesar, disobeyed God, and are remembered as hypocrites and frauds.

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