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For the third year in a row, we went the minimalist route with our Christmas tree. Perhaps it’s the conservation Christmas tree, naturalist Christmas tree, or some other appropriate adjective. Whatever you want to call it, we enjoy it. We enjoy the whole process, as opposed to what it had been like.

This year, it was a family affair as we trimmed a few branches off the tree in our front yard. Jana and I worked together, and the boys helped as much as they could.

photo 1-15

photo 2-15

photo 3-8photobranches

Once we put it in, Jana taped some branches together to stabilize it more. Last year, after Christmas, our tree tipped over due to the branches shifting because of the weight of the ornaments.

photo 1-14 photo 2-14

Then it’s ornament time. For a few years now we’ve been getting the boys a new ornament each year. Charlie received a Hogwarts School ornament, due to Charlie Weasley being the inspiration for his name. Gideon received an Oogie Boogie ornament (a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas). Duncan received Linus reciting the Nativity story from A Charlie Brown Christmas. And Liam received a LEGO ornament. We give them their new ornaments, and then we put up all of the ornaments.

photo 2-13 photo 1-13

photo 3-7 photo 1-12

photo 3-6 photo 2-12

Following that, we bring out all our holiday themed books and have them around the tree so we can read them to the boys. We’re often hanging out in the living room, by the fireplace, this time of year. Great place to read to the boys.

And the finished product? Wonderful. It doesn’t look like your typical Christmas tree, but so what? We can see the lights and ornaments better, and it lights up the living room. In the evenings, we turn off the room lights and just let the Christmas lights illuminate everything.

photo 1-16

photo 3-5 photo 1-8

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