This was originally posted, on my previous blog, in November of 2011.

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I hated our Christmas tree. We were given a fake Christmas tree when we moved into our home, and we were excited to get it. However, the thing was massive. It was almost eight feet tall and it filled two huge boxes when it was taken apart. The boxes took up a lot of space in our cellar. Moving the boxes up and down from the cellar, every year, was annoying. Jana and I would seemingly get in arguments every Christmas when setting it up.

After last year’s argument when setting it up, I was ready to be rid of the tree. Setting up a Christmas tree should instill joyous thoughts and feelings, and not ones of dread. Jana and I both agreed it was time to get rid of the tree.

Recently, we donated it to a local thrift store. We were both ecstatic at this, surprisingly, and were glad to get rid of more clutter from our cellar. What were we going to do in place of a tree? We weren’t sure. At one point, Liam suggested we set up a nativity in the living room. We liked the idea, but wanted to do something where we still could utilize some of the ornaments we had.

Jana got an idea for a replacement, and I was a bit skeptical at first. She had trimmed some the trees in our yard, and thought it might be fun to use one of the branches she trimmed off our maple tree. All we had to do was get a cheap tree stand to hold the branch.

Now, is it counterproductive to get something when getting rid of something? Maybe, but the space saved  by getting a tree stand and getting rid of our previous fake Christmas tree is a night and day comparison. There wasn’t the yearly argument, between Jana and I, when moving the boxes up from the cellar and setting up the tree. Another win. And, it was a chance for some creativity and fun.

Straight Charlie Brown Christmas style.

Again, the cost of our tree? Free.

Here it is after we decorated it. We all like it, it lights up the room better than our old tree, and we can enjoy the ornaments more. I enjoy it immensely.

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