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Today, we have Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer. This ship had a cameo in Attack of the Clones, near the end of the film. Count Dooku had just battled Yoda, and used a diversion (attempting to kill Anakin and Obi-Wan) to escape Geonosis on this ship.

The Solar Sailer has a bit of a steampunk influence, mixing ancient and current technology to give it its unique look. Dooku added the solar sail to his ship, giving it the ability to travel through hyperspace. You would think it would be thrusters or something else to make it hyperspace-capable. No, it’s a sail. One of the oldest transportation technologies that gives the solar sailer its power and speed.

The melding of ancient and current technologies/cultures is prevalent in a lot of science fiction. It’s something that intrigues fans. Some things are timeless, and yet we want to see them in new and different cultures/environments.

I think we can safely say Jesus is timeless. Regardless of your thoughts about Jesus, he was a real individual who’s impact and influence has grown throughout the centuries. For this exercise, though, I’m thinking of the timeless aspect of the Nativity.

Every Christmas there is someone bemoaning the commercialization of the holiday, and how its identity is lost. Maybe. But despite the rapidly changing ways of celebrating Christmas, the Nativity still seems stripped down to me. I think its due to the environment Jesus was born into. A barn, a manger, animals, manure. His parents are two kids that are strangers wandering around Bethlehem homeless. A low-tech birth to say the least, even for the time. And yet what power from the moment and all its factors. The incarnation, Jesus entering humanity in the flesh. A melding unlike anything ever seen.

2,000-plus years after the Nativity, I sit in my living room. I’m looking at all sorts of Christmas decor. On our makeshift Christmas tree (blog post forthcoming), we have strings of lights and ornaments that light up and make sounds. I’m looking at a LEGO Advent calendar. Various Christmas-themed books are strewn about on the floor. (Oh yeah, I pastor a church that meets online.) Up in the dining room, though, is an old-school, hand crafted, wooden Nativity set. I like that. The boys set it up and create stories with what goes where. There’s no need for bells and whistles with it. There’s no need for that when it is the birth of the Savior.

It’s something to ponder. For all the trappings of Christmas, which are sometimes overkill (and I enjoy some of it), the simplicity and power of the Nativity is timeless. I like it. We don’t have to kill or end some of the latest expressions of Christmas. Yet it’s good to remember what gives the holiday its power, influence and magic…a young girl, a virgin, gave birth to a baby boy, who was the Messiah.

For more on why I’m blogging about the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar, click here.

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