Last year, I first read details about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and was hopeful. A proven filmmaker would approach the material and give it the depth and sincerity it deserves.

Regardless of your opinion of whether the Bible is true or not, the source material is rich and has shaped civilizations and cultures throughout the centuries. A proper treatment of its stories would be well-received by the populace.

In the aftermath of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ there was a rush to try and duplicate it, but I never thought the level of overall excellence was near what Gibson did. (e.g. The Nativity Story) When Mark Burnett (television producer) spoke at this past Leadership Summit he might have said it best. “Making Christian shows and movies doesn’t give you permissions to make it crappy.” Amen.

The rollout of Noah has mirrored The Passion of the Christ. I saw a variation of the above trailer at Leadership Summit. Advanced screenings of the trailer played at other Christian-based conferences as well. The same happened with The Passion of The Christ ten years ago to have grassroots momentum for the film with its professed base.

My own hopes with the film? You’ll have a two hour film which will have to be creative in what it uses to advance the narrative. There aren’t many details in Genesis 6, so I’m curious to see how the story develops. Can they capture the scene of what Noah and his family were living in, show a natural progression of what Noah must have gone through from start to finish, show the tension of how it affected his family, reflect the interaction with God which was quite different in understanding and context than today, can he be relatable to the viewer, and so much more.

Lots of questions. If the film can answer those questions (and more) well, it will be a hit.

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