Since we moved into our current home, something we’ve wanted to get is a nice play set for the boys. We didn’t want something plastic that would break after one season. We wanted quality, one that would last all the boys’ childhoods. This would mean a bigger cost, but we though it would be worth it.

This year’s tax return allowed us to make the purchase. After some research, we went with Backyard Playworld. The boys had fun testing out the various models on the display floor. We made the purchase, and it was installed almost one week after Charlie’s birth. The boys took to it immediately.

521691_10152719655070361_1080243778_nWe’ve lived here for almost seven years now, and one of the joys has been getting to know our neighbors. Jana has gone out of her way to build relationships while I’m at work, but the key catalysts with our neighbors have been our boys.

I know a majority of our neighbors through the relationships my boys have built with their kids. I’m always doing what I can to be friendly and build relationships, but the boys make it much easier. They love making friends.

When we were purchasing the play set, Jana and I discussed how it could be used to deepen the community amongst our neighbors. Since it’s been installed, it’s been great to see just that. A number of the neighbor kids like to come over and play on it. Because of that, their parents come around more and we have more opportunities to talk to them.

It’s given us the opportunity to be a blessing to our neighbors. And, like Jana and I hoped, it has helped with deepening the community with a number of our neighbors. What a great investment. We’re looking forward to what it leads to for us, and our neighbors.

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