Andy Stanley is someone I had heard of for a number of years, but it was only recently that I finally read and listened to some of his content. Amazing.

His recent message series, “Christian“, is something I’d recommend to anyone. He explores what it means to be a Christian, and addresses some of the stigmas and stereotypes associated with the term head on.

In one of the messages, Andy looked at the life of author Anne Rice. Anne returned to the church, only to later quit it while still being committed to Jesus. A great message that speaks to where a lot of people are today.

I enjoyed listening to the message series on the drive to and from work.

The team I am part of Christ Community Church has been reading Andy’s latest book Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend. It’s been a tremendous read. It’s spurred some good conversations with the team as we discuss the best way to love and serve our respective communities. It’s helped articulate a lot of what I’ve thought and felt about the church today. I’ve been telling coworkers to read the book, and have recommended it to others I know who work in churches.

If you’re looking for some content to read and/or listen to, I’d recommend the above Andy Stanley resources.

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