When I first heard Christ Community Church had two contestants from NBC’s The Biggest Loser coming in to share, I was underwhelmed. Granted, I’ve never watched the show, but I didn’t know many people that watched it either. I’ve never had anyone tell me I had to watch the show, or I needed to see a clip from it.

Coworker Ryan Shields (Access Worship Leader) made the connection with them, and asked them come and share. What Ryan told me in one of our service planning meetings was the two of them were pastors, and God used them on the show. This info made it more interesting, but my reaction was still “Meh.”

The holidays came and went, and their appearance almost seemed like an afterthought. The Wednesday before they spoke, I was in a Service Planning meeting with Lead Pastor Mark and other leaders. Mark asked what kind of buzz we’d heard about Buddy and Mark coming to share the following Sunday. I started the discussion on a downer. “None.”

Jordan Johnson and I promoted it heavily on social media. I had zero expectations, but I hoped for a good service. And, I hoped it would be well-received at the Online Campus.

Was it ever.

Buddy and Mark did a fantastic job of weaving the gospel into their stories of how God worked in and through them on The Biggest Loser. While it’s hard to get an accurate count of attendance numbers, we estimated we had 520 people attend the Online Campus. Our overall attendance was over 3,800. We’ve had numerous people share the message with people online.

I’d encourage you to watch the entire message (click here). At the end of it, they share some details about their departure from the show. In the clip below, they talk about starting “blurch”. (Biggest Loser Church)

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