photo-10Last year was when I first came across the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar. My initial thoughts were it was a brilliant and ridiculous cash grab. Advent is about reflecting on, and preparing for, the coming of the birth of Jesus. There are a variety of calendars one can get to pursue this.

Star Wars?

Well, Darth Vader mentioned prayer in The Empire Strikes Back, and Han Solo told someone he’d seen them in Hell. Other than that, it’s safe to say Star Wars is not known for being a Biblically based film.*

*Of course one can talk about principles and themes of good vs evil, fighting for justice, pursuing truth and spirituality, fighting temptation, and more which are found in the Bible. But let’s not kid ourselves here, and I’m a Star Wars fan since my youth. The first film I can remember seeing in the theater was The Empire Strikes Back.

When I saw this year’s version of the LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar, I wondered what it would be like to do go through advent with it. We’re about to find out.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be writing a daily post where I discuss Advent and the link between whatever Star Wars toy is on the calendar for that day. It will be fun. It will be ridiculous. It will be a stretch on nearly every day. I will talk Advent, Jesus, Star Wars and LEGO.

Let the absurd being.

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