Being a native of Omaha, I’m use to the backhanded remarks out-of-towners make about Omaha. What perplexes me is when people brag about stuff nobody should brag about. This has happened with multiple people I’ve interacted with from bigger cities. Here’s a sampling of bragging/backhanded remarks.

  • “You think this is a commute? Try ninety minutes!”
  • “Why do you make a big deal about a shooting? Happens all the time where I’m from!”
  • “This is what you call news? Who cares about (something light in fare)? You should see our local news coverage, it’s real!”
  • “Why is everyone so nice around here? You wouldn’t see that in (my city)!”
  • “Seriously, you all care too much about the Huskers! Where I’m from, we don’t care about college sports!”

Well, I guess you “win”. Congratulations.

Nothing personal (there’s me trying to be nice), but I will prefer Omaha over your city if this is what you measure cities by.

And, I didn’t realize Nebraska had the market cornered when it came to passionate sports fan bases. Saturday Night Live may disagree though.

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