I’ve started to slow down writing on this blog. Yes, I’m busier, and I still want to write. I just don’t want to write here.

This blog started in 2005 with me attempting to figure out how to write in an online format. I had been writing in composition books, journals and notebooks since the early 90’s. This blog is (loosely) my version 3.0 of writing. It’s been fun these past few years, and it’s sometimes hard to believe I’ve written over 1,000 posts in the midst of everything else I’ve been doing.

Earlier in the week, I was driving to a conference and thinking about why I don’t write much any more. I had the realization that I could shut down this blog, and it was energizing for some strange reason. A bunch of ideas came to mind immediately.

This past year I’ve started to notice a thought creeping in to my overall view of this blog. I’ve thought more about posts I’m expected to write, or posts that would make sense for me to write. I hear a lot from people about what I should write. I don’t want posts to be about maintaining the status quo.

I don’t want to coast. I don’t want to just maintain a blog. I want try some new things. I want to be unencumbered with my writing. I want to start from scratch with creating something.

To do that, I will turn inward a bit with my social media. I will cut down on some of the people I follow on various social media platforms. (Don’t take it personal. You might receive a notice saying I’m following you again on social media.)

I will be tweeting. I will be posting on Instagram and Tumblr. I will be on Facebook like 1 billion others. I will be writing for the Christ Community Church blog. I will just have this side project as well.

I will be writing about (blank) for awhile. After I get some posts under my belt, I will broadcast it.

It’s humbling that so many read this blog, and the posts have influenced the lives of people all around the world. I am grateful. This blog will be staying up for the foreseeable future.

I believe my best years of creating/writing are ahead of me.

I was explaining to people the other night, but I might’ve got it a bit wrong – this is just the end of something for U2. And that’s what we’re playing these concerts – and we’re throwing a party for ourselves and you. It’s no big deal, it’s just – we have to go away and … and dream it all up again.
-Bono (December 30, 1989)

2 thoughts on “"Dream It All Up Again" (Or, The End Of This Blog)

  1. Ah, now this answers my question. I'm still confused about the unfollowing people thing, though. It kind of sends the message to people that “you weren't good enough to make my list” and I'm not sure how anyone could not take that personally unless they didn't really know you in the first place.


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