I’ve said this a few times here on the blog, but I’ll say it again quickly. At one point in my life, my identity was centered around music. I lived and breathed it. Slowly, though, I arrived at the point where I boxed up numerous albums of mine and got rid of them.

Since I started The RID Project, there have been two times where I got rid of albums. Those were a part of my soundtrack collection. And while there were a few soundtracks in this wave of “ridding”, this was different. These were albums I like, and I still listen to off and on, from some of my favorite artists. However, with music being more accessible in various online mediums it didn’t make sense to hold on to the albums. It clears up more space on my laptop, and in my cellar.

What didn’t wind up in this box? Some albums that are not available on Spotify, like the complete Cowboy Bebop and all Battlestar Galactica soundtracks, and a handful that are still sentimental. (Somehow I had two copies of Pearl Jam’s Ten. I kept the cd I bought twenty years ago.) I’m not sure how many albums I’m left with, but it’s not a lot. It’s the lowest amount since I was in grade school.

Some of my favorite albums…ever. And I don’t miss them. How could I when they are readily available on Spotify and YouTube? I’m not caught up in owning the physical album anymore. It’s about the music.

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