One of the things I did for Jana’s birthday was to ask Liam and Duncan some questions about their mom. I got the idea from a recent Steven Furtick message when he shared a questionnaire his wife gave to his two sons about him.

A nice way to celebrate Jana’s birthday, and highlight how amazing she is. For context, Liam turns six years old this November, and Duncan just turned four years old.

Describe what Mommy looks like? How tall is she? How much does she weigh? What color are her eyes? Her hair?
Liam: Beautiful. Wonderful. About 11 or 12 inches. 13 pounds. Blue (eyes). Black (hair).
Duncan: Beautiful. 30 inches. 50 pounds. Different colors…Lord of the Rings (eyes). Brown (hair).

What does Mommy do at home?
L: She makes food for us. She’s good at playing games with us.
D: I don’t know. I just don’t know. I don’t know.

Who is Mommy’s best friend?
L: Margie.
D: Duncan, Liam, Gideon, Daddy…all of us!

What are Mommy’s favorite foods?
L: One of her favorite ingredients to put on her food is salsa. She really loves spicy drinks.
D: Spinach soup. Salsa.

How are you like Mommy?
L: I win games a lot like Mom. I help around the house like Mom.
D: We both like kissing.

What is Mommy good at?
L: She’s good at making food for us. She’s good at playing with us.
D: She’s good at playing Legos.

What does Mommy like to do for fun?
L: Do book club and play with us.
D: Play lightsabers. She likes playing puzzles with me.

What is your favorite thing about Mommy?
L: Snuggling with her.
D: Kissing her.

What do you love about Mommy?
L: She loves us. She cuddles us.
D: Mommy Monster.

What does Daddy love about Mommy?
L: That she is your wife.
D: Mom kissing you.

Which Bible character reminds you most of Mommy?
L: Moses, because he had courage and mom has courage. He was brave and Mom is brave. He loved God and Mom loves God. He trusted God and mom trusts God. He worshipped God and Mom worships God.
D: God, because he loves me.

What is one thing that Mommy has taught you?
L: She has tried to taught me how to whistle. She has been teaching us home school, the whole alphabet, from A to Z.
D: My name, D-U-N-C-A-N.

What does Mommy always tell you?
L: That God loves us and we should know the Bible more.
D: She loves me…and I love her.

What makes Mommy happy?
L: When we make good choices. (Mom, will be so happy when this is all done!) She likes when we play with her and help around the house.
D: She loves me…that makes her happy. And when I kiss her that makes her happy.

What does Mommy know a lot about?
L: She knows a lot about the Bible, and Jesus and how much he loves us. And all the Bible characters. And all the New Testament characters and all the ones in the Old Testament.
D: The alphabet.

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