This isn’t my first time getting rid of soundtracks. Last November, I started reducing my collection of soundtracks. It’s time for another round of reduction.

Why am I getting rid of some of these soundtracks now? The catalyst was Spotify. If you don’t know, Spotify is an online music service. One can listen to practically any album/song. While you can’t download tracks, you can create your own customizable playlists. All you have to deal with are commercials every few songs. If you pay a monthly fee you get it commercial free, and get it for your mobile device. What’s the need for owning music files?

There are a few albums I haven’t found on Spotify, but for the most part I’ve found many of my soundtracks. When I do listen to these albums, it’s when I’m working. If that’s the case, there’s no need for me to hold on to these soundtracks. And besides, I don’t listen to some of the soundtracks that much anymore. The Harry Potter soundtracks I don’t listen to at all, except for the first soundtrack, despite my affinity for the stories and films*.

*Except for Prisoner of Azkaban. Did not like that adaptation.

Here’s the (brief) story with the soundtracks I’m getting rid of.

Some of the soundtracks I purchased for one or two tracks.

  • “Brooks Was Here”, The Shawshank Redemption – A haunting track.
  • “Speed Racer”, Speed Racer – An updated version of the classic theme.
  • “Prologue and Main Title”, Superman – An iconic theme.
  • “Stealing Fat”, Fight Club – The track from the film’s trailers always stuck with me.

Some soundtracks I use to listen to a lot, but now I don’t for whatever reason.

  • Riverdance – This was a staple during my road trips to and from Arkansas, in the late 90’s. I also listened to it a lot when I was out on the road with the Ecclesia Theater Company. I’m Irish, so I’m suppose to like this…right?
  • Six Feet Under – I think I bought this to justify pirating all the episodes of the show I watched, but I ended up enjoying the album. This is a good mix of songs. Really like the Shuggie Otis track.
  • The Matrix Reloaded – Good double album with songs and score. I think the score is the better disc. I enjoyed the second film of the trilogy. I think it gets a bad rap now, mainly because the third film was so poor.

Some soundtracks I bought because I enjoyed their films so much.

  • Almost Famous – Fantastic movie. The scene where everyone starts singing “Tiny Dancer” is great, and not surprisingly I’ve played that song the most off this album.
  • You’ve Got Mail – I remember being slightly embarrassed about liking this movie so much. Over time, I stopped caring who knew I liked the film. It’s why I bought the soundtrack, and then tracked down the score.
  • High Fidelity – Fun book. Fun film. The soundtrack is worthy to be connected to Rob, Dick and Barry. 

My soundtrack collection is considerably less than what it use to be, but so what? It’s about the music, and I have access to the music even if I don’t own the soundtracks anymore.

An interesting development with The RID Project is finding out that as I get rid of stuff, there is more stuff I can get rid of. Does that make sense? Doing this project has helped me realize how I don’t need a lot of the stuff I have. When I started The RID Project, I doubt I would ever have envisioned getting rid of all the clothes, books and music that I have. However, here I am, and I’m looking to eliminate more from my life.

I still enjoy soundtracks, but I don’t need to own them anymore. I don’t want them collecting dust in my cellar, or collecting proverbial dust in my iTunes library. I want to be rid of as much clutter, and entanglements, as possible.

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