For a number of years, Christ Community Church has partnered with people and organizations within the nation of Mali. The highlight of this partnerships has been helping to build a hospital for women and children.* CCC has raised over $1.3 million for the project.

*To understand a bit more about our work in Mali, click here to watch one of our Mali videos.

One of the projects we’re currently helping with in Mali is providing educational supplies to students. During this past Sunday’s services, we made the ask for people to buy and/or donate supplies for these students. The Online Campus Team shared with people watching online, in the chat room, how they could be a part of this project as well. We gave the church address so they could ship items to us.

Two days later, I received five boxes worth of notebooks. How awesome is that! The Online Campus was the first to respond to the ask. These notebooks will be a huge blessing to students in Mali. It’s cool that people attending the Online Campus can have worldwide impact with their giving.

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