This past Sunday’s Online Campus service was great. It wasn’t anything with the message or music, which were stellar. It was the community. It was the conversation. It was people serving other people in the chat. It was wonderful to witness.

During the service, there were people conversing back and forth about things in their life as it relates to the service. This is common. One individual opened up about how they recently lost their job and were in need of help. Immediately, a number of people were sharing with them encouragement, prayers and ways to get help. It was cool to stand back and observe.

One person shared with them how the church has a benevolence fund and can help people in times of need. I jumped into the conversation and then gave the individual my email address and told them to message me so I could get them in contact with our Benevolence Committee. After the service, we messaged each other, and on Monday they came in and got the process started with our Benevolence Committee.

Community helping people within the community. God at work. Brilliant.

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