It’s been awhile, Ira, since I listened to you. Really, it’s not you…it’s me.

After my last The RID Project post, the display on my previous MacBook Pro was damaged after water was spilled on it. (Another delay in writing these posts!) When I got a new MacBook Pro, I started the laborious process of transferring files from my Time Machine backups to my new machine.

Transferring the files helped me realize a number of them could be deleted. I went through my iTunes library and deleted hundreds of podcasts. I had a number of podcasts I still held on to, after listening to them, because I told myself I’d listen to them again. 95% of the time I had yet to listen to them, and even then I couldn’t recall why I saved them in the first place.

A number of podcast feeds were filling up with podcasts I wasn’t listening to. This was the case with This American Life. I really like their podcasts, but I stopped listening to them consistently.

My normal habit with podcasts is to listen to them on my commute. I didn’t like this with This American Life. I liked to enjoy it all together, if possible. However, I don’t have the time to do that. My commute is fifteen minutes. So, instead of figuring out a solution, I did nothing and kept downloading them. I’m not sure how many times I told iTunes that I did still want to download their podcasts, even thought I hadn’t listened to one in awhile.

Why was I continuing to download them? They only have their recent episode available on iTunes. After that, you have to pay $.99 to purchase it. I didn’t want to have to purchase a podcast later.

In setting up my new MacBook Pro, I wanted to reduce the number of files and used hard drive space. So, I got rid of a huge number of podcasts. Many of them I can download again, if I wanted to, but the podcasts from This American Life? No, I’ll have to buy those if I want them again.

I still saved a few of my favorites, but the mass amount I had stored for some future road trip? Gone.

A number of podcast feeds I deleted, once I set up the new MacBook Pro, but I’m still subscribed to This American Life.

My podcast library is a lot simpler now. It’s easier to go through and manage. And, I don’t allow a buildup of podcasts if I’m not going to listen to them…no matter how amazing the podcast is.

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