The many faces of my MacBook Pro display.

Remember when I talked about blogging again? Well, last week my water bottle leaked in my laptop bag and got on everything. At first, I didn’t think it hit my laptop, but I soon realized it did.

It was in sleep mode, so it was already on when the water touched it. I opened it up, and at first the display was working. There was some flickering, for a few minutes, but I used it for an hour without issue. I then had a meeting, and I put it back in sleep mode thinking everything was fine. Wrong.

When I opened it back up, the screen was black. The computer was on, but the display was not. I did a hard restart, and the computer shutdown and started back up like it normally would. The screen did not turn on, and I realized I had a problem.

I was at a coffeehouse, so I got back to work quickly. I plugged into my external monitor, and it mirrored the display screen. It seemed like things were working, but to be safe I backed it up so I didn’t lose anything. Once it was backed up, I turned it off.

I thought the display would come back online, because it had worked previously. I decided to take it home to dry out, but I planned on swinging by the Apple Store before doing so. One problem, the Apple Store was closed for renovations. This was on a Tuesday, and the store wouldn’t reopen till Saturday. Fantastic.

I posted on Facebook about my problem, and a number of people offered suggestions. I tried a few of them, but to no avail.

Throughout the week, my display was starting to show signs of life. At one point it was fading in and out from white to black. Then, it stayed white with a vertical black bar in the middle of it. All the while, the system itself was working fine.

I do 80-90% of my work on my MacBook Pro, so having it out of commission slowed my work throughout the week. It’s also what I use during Online Campus services, so I had to figure out an alternative with that. Regardless, not the most productive couple of days I’ve had.

When the Apple Store opened on Saturday, I went in to see one of their technicians. I hadn’t been able to reserve a spot with one of them ahead of time because of the store closing. Despite getting there early, the next available opening was mid-afternoon. The place was a mad house. Came home, went back later in the day, and the place was still crazy busy.

The Apple staff looked at it, and told me I had “Tier 4” damage to the display. The Apple warranty does not cover water or accidental damage. The cost to repair my display? $755 + taxes.

Since the summer of 1997, when a missionary supporter of mine gave me a laptop, I’ve always had a laptop. I’ve gone through a number of them, but I’ve never had a virus (that I’m aware of) or accidental damage to them. Fifteen years. I believe six different work/personal laptops. Never an issue…until now. And, it was my own fault. I don’t know how often I’ve carried a water bottle in my bag with my laptop. I’ll be getting a waterproof skin for my laptop now.

So, that’s why my blogging has been delayed again. Until I get my situation figured out, here’s the temporary setup I have going in my office. Grateful for my former Communications Team peeps letting me borrow one of their iMacs during this time.

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