My office is amongst some counseling offices here at Christ Community Church. Routinely, I see people I know who are here at the church for counseling. Most of the time, when we make eye contact, they react with embarrassment or shame. In that moment, I often want to encourage them because I think it is a good thing they are getting counseling.

Recently, I saw a friend who was waiting for a counseling appointment. The next time I saw them it was the first thing they brought up, trying to explain away why they were there. I told them I was proud of them, and shared a bit of my own story. I know the feeling of shame that comes from counseling, or being prescribed medication for a mental health issue. However, I also know the good that comes from counseling and medication. I’ve experienced it in my own life.

For awhile, I had wanted to sit down with Pastor Steve Walters and talk about this issue, but after the recent experience with my friend I made it a priority. Steve has been doing counseling for nearly fifteen years, and it’s a big part of his current role at CCC. When I finally came clean with my own addiction, Steve was the first person I called. He is the perfect guy to talk to about counseling, and the stigma associated with it.

Beyond The Message is an informal conversation about what’s going on at Christ Community Church. For more Beyond The Message videos, click here.

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