As you might know, Jana and I recently got out of credit card debt. A wonderful feeling. Of course, now a variety of expenses hit.
The big thing we need is a minivan. There are other things we could use, but we’ve managed to get by for the time being. At some point, though, we will need a minivan. It’s been tough to save up for it because of other expenses that have popped up.
Our previous lawn mower went down, so we had to buy a new one recently. Thankfully, we didn’t have to buy it using our credit cards. That was also a wonderful feeling. Even though I didn’t want to buy a new mower, at least I could buy it using cash.

Two Sundays ago, my permanent retainer came off while I was flossing. I’ve had that thing on since high school. I hated it. Part of me is glad it popped all the way off and I can use a normal retainer. However, there is a cost for a new retainer. (There’d be a cost either way.) Again, I’m glad I can pay with cash for it, but it’s less money toward some of the bigger ticket items we needed.
Monday night, Gideon decided to show off his pitching arm. Liam and Duncan were taking a bath, and Gideon was outside the tub with Jana. Jana left the room briefly, but left her iPhone behind. Apparently, Gideon picked it up and chucked it into the bathtub. Liam quickly picked it up out of the water, but it was too late. (It’s currently amidst a bag of rice.) Hoping we don’t have to get a replacement phone.
I had an unexpected doctor’s appointment, last Friday, when I was having pain in my…bladder area. At the time, the nurse practitioner and I weren’t sure what was wrong after a few tests. (Yep, first time for THAT test.) Thankfully, the pain came and went, over the weekend, and went for good on Sunday night. (Did I mention I had kidney stones at 21? Went to the ER. Not good times.) I have an idea, now, what the problem was. (TMI?) Paying for a doctor’s bill was not what I was hoping for, though. At least it’s nothing bad like it might have been, and I’m not hopped up on pain meds to manage the pain.
It was a long journey to get out of debt. Sometimes it didn’t seem like we were getting anywhere with it, but we started to climb out of debt by God’s grace. We did big and little things, over an extended time, to pay down the debt, and it worked.
There are always unforeseen expenses, though. While it’s been annoying paying for some of these bills, I’m grateful we can pay cash for them.
We have needs, but we are more than committed to staying “in the black” to get those needs.

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