I think this is going to be one of those posts where people read it and will want to talk to me about it for a variety of reasons. Some will argue with me, and some will agree.* That’s cool.

*What a way to get back into writing these posts.

I got rid of three pairs of shoes. More importantly, I’m not replacing them. I have four pairs of shoes now, and they are:

  • a black pair of Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars.
  • a black pair of classics TOMS shoes.
  • a black pair of dress shoes.
  • a black pair of Adidas.

The only reason I’m keeping the Adidas is so I can I have something to wear when doing yard work. I may wear the dress shoes a handful of times during the year. Mainly, I rotate between the Chucks and TOMS.

Look, I know many of you like shoes. Heck, I like shoes. However, I’m dissuaded by the costs, and by wanting to simplify my wardrobe. Do I really need to buy a pair of shoes that will only go with one outfit? No. Do I need to buy a pair of shoes that costs the equivalent of my cell phone bill? Probably not. Do I need to look into moving to a new home with bigger closets that can house all my shoes? If so, then I’ve got a problem.

I like having a simple wardrobe, shoes included.

I understand many of you like shoes. Some of you collect shoes as your hobby. That’s cool. Some of the kicks you have are amazing. And, if you have more pairs of shoes than me, that’s great.

There are shoes I’d like to have. I’d like a pair of Air Jordan III,  Nike Air Raid 2, or Nike Air Trainers.

It’s hard to justify getting more shoes at this point, though. The cost spent on them could be put toward other things that would reap a greater return. I probably wouldn’t wear them all that often because I’d be worried about scuffing them up.  And, I don’t know…I just like being able to slip on my Chucks or TOMS and not worry about them.

Would I like a pair of cool kicks? Sure, but I don’t need another pair of shoes.

Right now, it’s cheap and functional simplicity with the shoes. And, I think they’re cool.

One thought on “The RID Project: Shoes (Update #20)

  1. I appreciate your posts on the Rid Project. Have I started mine yet? Um… No… but every time I read your posts, I think I'll start! Keep up so that maybe one day I'll actually participate. This is bigger than you. 🙂


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