Two months into the life of the Online Campus and I’m ecstatic with the stories that have come forth. People are being ministered to, and served, through an online format. What seemed ridiculous to some, or science fiction to others, is a reality that is reaping a great reward.

Something that has come up is people are connecting through the Online Campus, and then getting connected at one of Christ Community Church’s physical campuses. Whether new to the area, or just checking the church out, they attend the Online Campus to get a feel of CCC. It’s a safe way to find out more about the church, and engage initially on their terms. The online services are engaging and fun, so for a number of people they want to get connected in person.

I talked with one person who told me they were going to start attending one of our physical campuses because of the great experience they had with the Online Campus. At first, it was a conflicting moment for me. I don’t want to lose people, especially if they have a wonderful experience with the Online Campus. However, what is the Online Campus ultimately about? Is it just about me and what I am trying to do with it, or is it about helping others go deeper with Jesus, community, truth and more? For this individual, the Online Campus was a conduit.

This is an issue I knew I would have to deal with continually. Lots of churches will tell you they are not numbers driven, and that’s true. Numbers are indicators/data that can give you insight, though. For me, I have numbers that are solid, and I have some numeric goals I want to achieve, but it’s also good to know the context. Some people are coming to the Online Campus, then leaving it because of a wonderful experience, so they can attend one of our physical campuses.

And that’s good.

We are only two months into the Online Campus, still a relatively small sample size, but this is something I have seen happen. Ultimately, people are being ministered to, getting help, drawing closer to Jesus, finding community, and much more. If it happens because the Online Campus was a conduit for them to one of our physical campuses, it’s a win. That’s the mission of what this is all about. It’s not about building up my own project, for my own purposes, which neglects the people it is supposedly trying to serve.

We are doing something right, by God’s grace. I will keep learning and striving to make the Online Campus the best it can be for all who attend. How God uses that to reach people will always be fun to watch and experience.

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