Want an Online Campus sticker? Send me your address and I’ll mail you one!
I’ve been a fan of Secret Penguin for awhile. Dave Nelson founded the “youth brand strategy and design agency” awhile back, and they do phenomenal work. A fun thing they do is give away stickers and ask people to take photos of them if seen in public.

I loved this idea, and I thought it would work well with the Online Campus. So, I copied the idea. (I owe Dave, and the rest of the Secret Penguin crew, some Red Mango.)

The Online Campus is already global, with people attending from Canada, India, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and more. Plus, people from nearly forty states in America have attended. I just started sending out stickers to people, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of pictures we get back.

If you’d like a sticker, just send me your mailing address to online@cccomaha.org.

Sticker sighting in Colorado, courtesy of Christine Gerhart

Sticker sighting in Minnesota, courtesy of Christopher Hutton

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